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Corporations and organizations alike are having to having to deal with the ever changing tax regimes with increased oversight, aggressive collection of taxes by the revenue authorities. More and more tax bases are being rolled out in a bid by the revenue authority to rope in more tax brackets to be able to achieve their collection targets and curb tax cheats. These can be very challenging to deal with let alone understanding and keeping abreast with the changes. International and regional companies have even bigger headache with regards to compliance in the territories they operate in.

It is a requirement that every Company, Tust, Partnership, Society and even Individuals intending to do any business or participate in any revenue generating activity whether taxable or exempt to be registered with the revenue officer and be issued with a tax registration certificate. Mitigating the busines tax risk that comes from the requirement of having to meet the strict tax reporting obligation coupled with penalties that accrue by virtue of presentation of late returns is a great desire by executives to avert any reputation risks that might impute the organizations's image.

A business that fails to make the reporting and payment of the tax due may find itself subjected to in-depth revenue assessment instituted under the law by the revenue authority which for those who have experienced it tell of a not so pleasant experience; and it can even be more painful if the tax assessment is raised and immediate demand notice issued. We will be able to represent you through the entire process while maintaing our professional and ethical standards.

In order to avoid the harassment that might come from the revenue authority officers in collecting the assessed backdated taxes, organizations are encouraged to be proactive to take all necessary steps to avert non-compliance risks and tax exposures.

Tax health checks a self-instituted investigation into the different tax heads by an appointed external auditor and entails carrying out a detailed tax compliance review. This exercise will ultimately provide an understanding of the level of risk the business has in relation to its tax obligations and formulate strategies to mitigate against any resultant risk. It therefore;

Provides a framework to establish any inherent risk through an in-depth and systematic review of books of accounts
Provides a framework to establish any other risk and quantify any potential back-taxes discovered during our review
Provide a plan action on the mitigation and settlement of any resulting tax liabilities including engagement with KRA on your behalf for a favorable settlement plan;

We therefore are all round equippped with relevant tax laws to be able to offer you a holistic corporate tax and advisory services. We will assist you with;

Preparation of the income tax computations in accordance with tax legislations;
Preparation of the income tax returns and filing with the revenue office;
Timely advise the tax amounts payable and due dates as well as assistance on tax remittances;
Application and processing of tax compliance certificates;
Attending to queries that may be raised by the revenue office in relation to filed returns; and
Registration of new companies with the revenue office (PIN).

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