Management Reporting


Business owners and managers require timely an accurate analyis that are foward-looking to help them make strategic decisions. Most business are familiar with financial report which companies are required to keep for legal reasons and taxation. These reports follow a very clear set guidelines known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

While these reports are useful for legal or compliance purposes, they are not ideal for decision-making as they give a birds view of your business operations but without actionable insights that are useful for strategic choices. This is how the practice of management reporting came about.

Management reporting use a lot of the same data as financial reports, but presented in a more useful way. Our account managers and accountants will provide you with relevant reports and then guide you in the direction needed to achieve maximum results. They basically show the worth of your business over a specific period by disclosing financial and operational information.

Management reports helps answer some of the critical questions owners and management team have that include:


whether you are pricing jobs/goods correctly


or who are your profitable clients/customers


or do you have enough cash to pay the wages (next month as well

Managment reports are crucial to the health and growth of the company providing you with the right metrics to get a snapshot of your business health and evolution which means you can focus on your strategy.

They set a benchmark about performance which thanks to the track record means you have a regular benchmark about how you perform both operationally and financially, and also enhances communication among partners, investors, customers and colleagues with greater variability of different activities accross departments and improves communication within the company.

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